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Oroville Family Church
Living Like Jesus - Loving Like God
Pastor Jerry Whitten

2555 Baldwin ave. Oroville, CA 95966 (view map)

11:00 Sunday Worship, 6:00 pm Worship Celebration, 6:30 pm Wednesdays Adult Study

Phone:589-3760 (Monday-Friday 9:00 am-4:00 pm ) Email:jdwhitten0241@sbcglobal.net

Home Groups:
By invitation

Singles Groups:
4th Sunday of every month after church around 1 pm.

Community Development:
We work with Building Bridges, south side development.

Oroville Family Church is a church dedicated to the whole family. We welcome all to worship our Lord Jesus Crist
For Additional Information Please Call the Church at 589-3760

Serving Butte, Glen, Tehama, Yuba and Sutter counties, with a church message of love hope and radio.

A family radio experience, designed to meet the spiritual needs of even the young children.

We have programs on the weekend that are designed to take the kids away from video games, and into God's word.

At a point in history when porn has overcome the internet, we are here as a shining light broadcasting around the world the good news of Christ Jesus.

Christian Radio, is the key to bring the community together.

Jesus reached out to all who would listen, and now 2000 years later we do the same.

Anyone that would hear, let him hear the message of the Gospel.

We have been part of the communities of Paradise, Oroville, Chico, Yuba City and Red Bluff for the last 40 years.

Be blessed take courage, and have hope that the creator of the universe, Jesus Christ is alive and has a wonderful plan for our community.

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